FM8 Experience Full (192 sounds)

FM8-Experience-Full-ArtworkFM8 Experience Soundset – a set of 192 sounds for Native Instruments FM8.

Updated to v. 1.2!  12 new sounds (20 new sounds in v. 1.1)! (the update is free for all existing customers). Available in nfm8 format. 

FM8 Experience is a vast, inspiring soundset that supplies you with versatile and widely useful sounds, not restricted to any narrow style. Various FM8 capabilities are used to shape the sound.

Price: $29.99

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Some testimonials:

“FM8 Experience is an incredibly diverse and well-programmed set of patches that would be useful for almost any genre.”
“FM8 Experience represents an excellent bargain that fans of FM8 should definitely consider.”
from August 2012 review:

“Superb synth programming and tasteful sound design” – by KVR Forum Member rasscass

“Your presets are wonderful” – by customer Greg

“These are great sounds!” by NI Forum Member arachnaut

“Awesome work on the soundbank! I use it quite often” – by customer “YoshiExcel”

“Amazing presets!” – by customer Xavier

“I just got them into FM8 and some of these patches sound fantastic. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made this year. Thanx!” – by NI Forum Member MarioD

“The bank is very usable. I LIKE IT :D ” – by KVR Forum Member Fergusonbbb

“The sounds are VERY nice! The sounds are also well organized and tagged. Great stuff!” – by KVR Forum Member ebluemedia

Audio demos:

54 sounds in this audio demo (one at a time, v. 1.1):

Some more demos:

70 sounds previewed in this video demo! (initial edition v.1.0)