Synth Squad – Pure Energy vol. 2

Pure-Energy-Vol-2-CoverWe’re proud to present you Pure Energy vol. 2 soundset containing 100 brand new sounds for Amber and Fusor of FXpansion’s DCAM: Synth Squad. This is an extension to the previous Pure Energy vol. 1 soundset which contained 177 sounds for Strobe and Fusor.

In this new soundset you will find a variety of quality sounds, usable in all kinds of electronic music as well as modern pop and soundtrack, atmospheric contexts. The set contains 49 Amber sounds and 51 of their Fusor counterparts. Various modulation capabilities are used, including mod wheel and aftertouch and all 8 macros are assigned in Fusor. In connection with Amber’s architecture, there’s a lot of pad and string-like sounds in the set, but also some interesting fx presets, keys, textures and others The audio demo below will give you a fine introduction to what’s inside the box.

22 sounds one at a time in this audio demo. No external effects.

Order Pure Energy vol. 2 – 100 sounds for Amber and Fusor $22.99
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You can also order Pure Energy vol.1+2 Bundle (277 sounds total) for $39.99

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It’s an amazing job! – by customer WB

Just what I wanted for Amber! – by custorem Brian