Synth Squad – Pure Energy vol. 1

Pure-Energy-Vol-1-CoverThe Pure Energy soundset contains 177 expressive, high quality presets – 88 for Strobe and respective 89 for Fusor of FXpansion’s DCAM: Synth Squad. This big, versatile set covers a wide variety of sounds, including fat, dirty basses, lively leads, deep, dreamy pads and a various lot more. The instruments utilize extensive DCAM: Synth Squad’s modulation capabilities, including a vital use of mod wheel and aftertouch. The sounds are aimed at both providing pleasure of playing and inspiring ideas for your music.

Price: $24.99

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‘LOVE this package. You should brag how the “Dramatic Lead” fusor patch sounds EXACTLY like the opening synth in Heart Attack by Boys Noize. Brilliant work!’

by customer Cody

‘It’s an amazing job!’ – by customer WB

37 presets previewed in this demo:

Mini demo piece 2 (3 presets):

Mini demo piece (9 presets + Studio Drummer for drums):

10 sounds previewed:

6 more sounds: