TAL-Bassline 101 Freakshow


The Freakshow consists of 129 carefully prepared sounds for TAL Bassline 101. Multiple bass sounds are included: deep, low and calm ones among many others. The soundset makes use of Bassline’s polyphony possibilities. Thanks to that, there’s a variety of stylish and inventive synth, pad and keys sounds in here. On top of that Freakshow contains a selection of lead and orchestral presets.

The sounds will be suitable and useful for a variety of styles from classic analog timbres all the way to some freaky electro. Go and experiment!

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Soooo nice and tasteful! – by customer Robert

39 sounds shortly previewed one by one in this audio demo:

The Freakshow soundset features:

– 34 Bass sounds

– 13 Keys sounds

– 19 Lead sounds

– 12 Orchestral sounds

– 9 Pad sounds

– 42 Synth sounds